Our Company
Pinnacle, Inc. is a general contracting firm which provides complete construction services for all types of commercial and industrial projects.  Located in Benton, Kentucky, we serve all of western Kentucky and north-west Tennessee.  The firm was incorporated in the Commonwealth of Kentucky in March 1995.   
Our Focus 

  • Emphasis on Safety 
    The management of Pinnacle, Inc. places a strong emphasis on safety.  Proper training and constant reminders of “Safety First” are key elements of our safety program.   Our current policy includes:
    • Hard Hat & Eye Wear Protection required at all times on jobsite
    • Drug & Alcohol Testing for all employees pre-employment,  
      post-accident and randomly
    • Monthly Safety Inspections by outside safety consultants, and the results reported to the management of each company onsite during the inspection 

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  • Attention to Quality Control 
    Pinnacle, Inc. follows the best practices available for project quality control, including training, pre-installation meetings and supervised installations.  A dedication to the construction profession, continuing education for our project managers and constant training for our field employees are keys to the continued growth and success of our company.   
  • Team Approach to Project Management 
    We strive to work as a team member to complete projects on time and within budget.  Pinnacle realizes the importance of planning, scheduling and working as a member of the team with the project Architects, Engineers, Construction Managers and Owners.  Our project managers and superintendents are hands-on and responsible for this aspect of the building process.


Projects (view project list)
Individual projects completed range in size up to $13 million with an annual total average of $15 million.  Pinnacle has completed a wide variety of projects for several different owners, both public and private.  These projects include:

  • Medical offices and Hospital facilities
  • Funeral homes
  • Worship and Activity facilities
  • Recreational facilities
  • Banking facilities
  • Warehouse buildings
  • HUD multi-family housing
  • Correctional facilities
  • Elementary, High School and College campus facilities
  • Performing Arts facilities
  • Office & Retail facilities (Strip Centers)

These projects have included several contract types such as:  
Lump Sum, Unit Price, and Cost-Plus a Fee with a Guaranteed Maximum Price.

Pinnacle takes pride in being a member of these construction industries associations:

CFSB Corporate Building
Benton, KY